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About Us


About Us

Hot Pans Catering was founded in 2010 and is a full-service, all-American cuisine catering company. We provide a wide array of exceptional appetizers, bites and cuisines for any event. Our creative chef and professional staff are well experienced with producing unique entrees for any occasion. Whether you're needing drop-off or a complete set -up service, HP catering provides service throughout Chicago, surrounding suburbs & Northwest Indiana. We have what's needed for your special event.

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Our Story

Our Owner and Chef, Chef Portia, has been in the culinary industry for over 13 years. Dedicated to her profession, Chef Portia is passionate about the culinary business and customer partnerships and works exceptionally to provide more than a service but a relationship with everyone she encounters. Having a love for culinary arts since the early age of 8, when she recalls in elementary school pulling two flashcards of a businessperson and a chef, Chef Portia has managed to obtain a Business and Culinary arts degree throughout life's journey and has established Hot Pans Catering. Our Mission is to provide a distinctive and unique selection of menu items for our customers for any occasion. Our uniquely prepared array of appetizers and all-American cuisine is a welcoming experience for all of our guests to enjoy.

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